Visualize Revenue Flows

Gain full funnel visibility from lead to opportunity to closed won to customer lifetime value with RevenUp’s innovative process mining capabilities.

Full Funnel Visibility

RevenUp provides intuitive process flow visualizations illustrating how revenue moves across functional boundaries, stages, and touchpoints. Identify the exact state of the current go-to-market process including key flow metrics, such as cycle time, throughput, and conversion rates.

Identify Process Inefficiencies

Uncover inefficiencies, non-compliant motions and areas of poor data hygiene within your revenue generation workflows. RevenUp’s process mining capabilities analyze process data and zero in on potential choke points and areas of revenue leakage with ease.

Root Cause Analysis

Perform in-depth cohort analysis to understand the underlying factors contributing to revenue leakage. RevenUp enables you to drill down into specific process steps, transactions, or subprocesses to identify the root causes of revenue leakage.

Simulation and What-If Analysis

Test different scenarios and evaluate their impact on revenue realization using RevenUp’s simulation and what-if analysis capabilities. Explore alternative process configurations, pricing strategies, or resource allocations to make data-driven decisions on the most effective approaches for revenue optimization.

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