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A Platform for Revenue Intelligence and Revenue Leak Mitigation


Gain full funnel visibility from lead to opportunity to closed won to customer lifetime value

Automatically detects the real-state of your current revenue process

Discover funnel inefficiencies and process deviations hereto invisible to the organization

Find and remediate revenue leaks across marketing, sales and CS

Get a prioritized list of revenue leaks at each stage of the bowtie with possible root causes

Monitor leak over time and assign/collaborate with team members to remediate

Tracks a comprehensive set of RevOps metrics that predict revenue underperformance

Get actionable insights with context and root cause analysis

Prioritize triage with remediation recommendations organized by revenue impact

Automatic alerts on GTM inefficiencies and anomalies you didn’t know existed

Remediate via pre-defined workflows and tech stack integrations

Set rules to mandate RevOps best practices and be notified of violations

Enables strategic analysis to improve revenue engine efficiency

Finetune ICP by identifying best-performing cohorts by industry, price band, contact title

Identify factors that drive pipeline or revenue between lead sources, campaigns, reps and channel

Perform on-demand analysis during pipeline review calls and QBRs/exec meetings

Monitors lead and opportunity progression week-by-week and identify choke points

Configurable tracking of end-to-end RevOps metrics with multi-variate drill-down

Revenue Leak. Revenue Leak 

Enable a framework for driving continuous RevOps improvement

Ensure operational adherence to desired ideal RevOps process

Track progress towards desired KPI milestones and sustainable transformation

Out-of-the-box integration to key revenue data sources

Connect easily and securely to your GTM data and build a single source
of truth across all of your RevOps systems.

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