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Impacts of Silos on GTM Operations in Four Crucial Domains

Impacts of Silos on GTM Operations in Four Crucial Domains

Siloed structures can infiltrate various facets of GTM operations, including tools, systems, processes, and data.

Data and proccess:

Data serves as the linchpin of the GTM tech stack, influencing lead management, customer engagement, and revenue performance. The expanding business landscape and technological advancements contribute to the exponential growth of data. Unfortunately, data silos, where each team controls its data using distinct tools, emerge as a significant obstacle to seamless GTM operations. For 90% of organizations, data silos present a formidable challenge to growth, fostering confusion, misaligned goals, internal competition, isolated thinking, and impeding overall organizational progress.

Systems and Tools:

Regardless of organizational size, a robust tech stack is essential for effective GTM workflows. However, challenges arise when this tech stack becomes disjointed, resulting in the accumulation of tools with redundant functionalities across different teams. Signifyd’s experience, post a funding round, exemplifies this situation, where the adoption of multiple tools led to overlapping functions.

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