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Fostering Alignment in Go-to-Market (GTM) Functions

Fostering Alignment in Go-to-Market (GTM) Functions

RevOps places a paramount focus on alignment, a departure from traditional organisational structures where sales, marketing, and customer success/support functioned in isolated silos. This transformative approach seeks a harmonised consensus across every dimension of the customer journey, including vital go-to-market (GTM) processes and metrics.

In this unified framework, RevOps yields substantial benefits. Boston Consulting Group reports noteworthy outcomes for B2B companies embracing RevOps with a tightly aligned GTM strategy:

A significant surge of 100-200% in digital marketing ROI

A boost in sales productivity by 10-20%

A notable 30% reduction in expenses related to GTM

Essentially, companies aligning technology, processes, and personnel witness a remarkable 36% increase in revenue growth and a 28% uptick in profitability, as corroborated by Forrester.

For smaller enterprises with limited RevOps teams—potentially comprising only one or a few individuals—a concise weekly update meeting for sales, marketing, and customer success/support can serve as an effective alignment strategy. Alternatively, regular email updates, bi-weekly newsletters, or comprehensive monthly all-hands meetings offer valuable forums for discussing strategies, gathering feedback, and nurturing team-building activities.

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