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Driving Growth In Tandem: Aligning RevOps With Sales

Driving Growth In Tandem: Aligning RevOps With Sales

The objective of Revenue Operations (RevOps) is to streamline marketing, sales, and customer success departments, fostering efficiency and accountability to drive overall growth. Despite its increasing adoption, a significant challenge arises from the myth that sales representatives must exclusively operate within a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application. While the CRM holds essential data, the reality is that sales tasks span various disconnected applications, causing issues related to process adherence, data hygiene, and frustrated sales teams. Traditional CRMs have not evolved to align with modern sales workflows, resulting in low adoption rates and detrimental effects on data hygiene and process adherence.

To address this, RevOps leaders often resort to enforcing rigid workflows within the CRM, utilising required fields and validation rules. However, this exacerbates the core issue, creating inefficiencies and frustration among sales teams. This cycle hinders revenue teams from achieving peak sales performance, as sales representatives spend disproportionate time on non-revenue-generating activities.

To resolve these challenges, RevOps leaders can implement strategies that benefit both sales teams and the overall organisation:

Listen and Learn: Gain insight into the sales team’s workflow and challenges through empathy, understanding their needs and pain points.

Adopt the Right Tools: Choose tools that align with salespeople’s use cases, leveraging existing solutions to enhance processes and reduce friction.

Prioritise Flexibility: Focus on improving workflow speed and flexibility instead of imposing rigid rules, allowing sales teams to close deals effectively.

Promote Data Hygiene: Emphasise the importance of data by creating a workspace connected to the CRM that sales teams enjoy working in, enhancing data entry and reliability.

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