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It is time to Rethink Revenue as a Process

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People. Process. Technology. These are the three most important components to business transformation. Yet, Revenue Operations, a key function in driving business growth, has been direly lacking in the process and technology aspects! RevOps teams still contend with all the problems associated with siloed systems and lack of full funnel visibility. We’ve made it our mission to fix this imbalance and bring the technology and the process support to enable RevOps teams to succeed.


Our objective is to provide RevOps leaders with the tools, techniques and insights to help them transform functionally siloed marketing, sales and customer success ops teams into a fully-integrated revenue operations organization. We help them do their job better so they can consistently meet and exceed revenue goals and deliver sustainable competitive advantage to the business.


Nivedita Ratakonda

Co-Founder & CEO

A second-time entrepreneur and chief hacker-tinkerer. Nivedita has 20+ years of enterprise experience across the Silicon Valley and Bangalore, and a track record of 3 prior startup exits.


Harish Agastya

Co-Founder & COO

A seasoned Go-To-Market and product executive. Harish is a startup fiend with demonstrated success in creating and building market traction for category-defining technology products at several cloud startups.


We are based in Austin, TX with offices in San Jose, CA and Bangalore, India. Our team has strong pedigree in enterprise applications, SaaS, massively scalable architectures, AI and other deep tech innovation.

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The company is backed by Cloud4C, a Singapore-based cloud managed services provider and other esteemed angel investors and industry leaders from the tech industry and the RevOps domain.






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